Introduction to SIO Computing, Fall 2018

Peter Shearer, x42260,, class website:

We meet M,W,F from 1:00 to 1:50 PM in the IGPP Munk Lab Conference Room.

There will be no final. Grades will be based on homework.

(1) Make sure you can login to your IGPP Barnyard computer account, and that you have access to a UNIX environment and a plain (ASCII) text editor (due Mon., Oct. 1).

Notes and other material
Class notes (PDF, updated frequently!)
Agnew introduction slides
Agnew UNIX cheat sheet
Surrey UNIX tutorial
Agnew UNIX files notes
Agnew scripts notes
Agnew sed notes
Agnew awk notes
Hawaii GMT site
Georgia Tech GMT site
Rice GMT site

To participate, you should have or install on a Mac:
A plain text editor, i.e., ndit
A Postscript previewer, i.e., gv or ghostscript

Macs are recommended. You should all have accounts on the IGPP server. This lets you login to Barnyard computers, such as Within UCSD, you can remotely login to grunt from a terminal window using, for example:
ssh -l yourloginname
Outside UCSD, you will need to use VPN to get access to the campus networks. For information, see: How to VPN